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Feeder Barges Set to Build the Future of OSW in the USA

Feeder Barges Set to Build the Future of OSW in the USA A gap exists between what the U.S. industry is asking for, local content, and what the industry currently offers for Jones Act compliant transport and installation solutions for offshore wind operations. Currently deployed vessel types, utilized in a new context, can bridge this gap and help build the future of offshore wind in the United States. The combination of the United States' environmental regulation, cabotage and local content, and equipment deficiencies in the offshore wind (OSW) market makes the industry ripe for innovation. However, the inevitable surge in demand that is to come for offshore renewable energy in the United States will be unleashed on a Jones Act infrastructure that only supports a fraction of the supply chain growth expected by the industry. While offshore wind in the U.S. presents one of the most significant growth opportunities in history for merchant mariners and the shipbuilding market, there a